The art of Japanese tea ceremony ritualized by SEN NO RIKYU forms the basis of Japanese spiritual culture. As we deepen our understanding of the world of the tea ceremony, we learn the value of interpersonal relationships based on a consideration for other people. We can also learn about the ways of deeply expressing our love and respect for nature.
Based on such philosophy, I found pleasure in making tea utensils for enjoying a cup of tea.
Although I am not certain if I completely understand the highly sophisticated state and entertainment value of the tea ceremony that RIKYU wanted to hand down, I still attempt to find my own way of enjoying the tea ceremony.

◆The late work of the tea-utensils.

dimension : 260x260x180 mm
production date : December 2011
note :

Though it was not "The HEAD SERISE", the vessel which put sweets and so on as one of the tea-utensil was made in the motif the dragon which played in the cloud. What was based on the zodiac signs of that year as a utensil which was exhibited in the tokonoma every year in the New Year and which was used at the tea selemony is being made. A dragon was made because it was the year of the Dragon this year.
This dragon has the ball which had both eyes in the third onyx, the right hand has rose quartz.
A vermilion lacquer was applied inside of the container, and a silver leaf was put behind the lid.

dimension : 130x190x130 mm
production date : January 2012
note :

This is the skull-shaped piece which was nested in another work, Hamlet, as an embedded structure.
This skull is made to hold flowers by inserting a glass test tube at the top of the skull. It is undeniable that putting a flower into a skull gives an eerie impression, but it was a frequently used motif found in medieval European art. Skulls are typically used in paintings and sculptures as a symbol of death, and are used to create a strong impression. Works that depict simply the skull itself may be scarce.
On creating this piece, I studied skull bones, and the more I saw the more I realized how beautiful and well-designed this palm-sized container is, which protects the brain.
Whether the skull is a wonder of God’s design or a work of evolution having evolved over the span of 1.2 billion years in the history of organisms, its complex functions far exceed the beautiful, simple vessel made by this industrial designer.


■lid rest :GOTOKU◆for the paper weight


■handy candle stand:SAKAZUKI◆for the Candle Stand


■lid rest:SAWAGANI (Swamp crab)◆for the paper weight


 ■lid rest:SASADAKE◆for the paper weight


 ■candle stand:YATAGARASU


■incense container:USHI


■incense container:BABY CICADA


■candle stand:AUTUMN LEAVES


candle stand:ASAGAO


candle stand:SASABUNE


■incense container:CICADA


■hanging flower puts:HORN


■utensil stand:JELLYFISH


■charcoal cover:COW


■table light:AUTUMN LIVES